On Christian Transhumanism

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Jackson Capper
Jackson Capper 3rd May 2017 2 MINS READING TIME

Christian transhumanism is the idea that the mission of Christianity can be better assisted with or is compatible with transhumanism, the transcendance of physical experience beyond the human body through some kind of technology. While Jesus himself used artificial means to complete his mission, it is another matter to say we can achieve a “technological resurrection”, that is, producing a conscious living experience outside of the body. Like proponents of artificial intelligence and recreating self-awareness, it fails to distinguish between information processing and consciousness.

A "technological resurrection" is physically impossible since there are only ways to replicate information processing (personality), but there is no way to replicate the experience. The experience can only be sacred and holy. It must transcend the physical world. Why must consciousness be divine?

No matter how many cogs and pullies turn in a mechanical computer (or how many transistors open their electrical gates), there is no mechanism for the apparatus to become self-aware or conscious. Information processing is arbitrary, but consciousness is discrete, fundamental, and miraculous. To manifest consciousness in the physical world is akin to walking on water, or spontaneous healing, and that is only possible through the Holy Spirit, God's will and power, not through technology. The very premise of a resurrection, a miracle, is that it can only be produced by divine, not physical, intervention.

On Christian Transhumanism