All Things Are Events
The Universe Is Made Of Information

An attempt to logically prove that the apparent concreteness of the universe is an illusion, that everything we experience is a virtual construction of information. This is a primer for a much larger argument for the true nature of reality and the mind of the Creator.

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Jackson Capper
Jackson Capper 2nd March 2018 7 minutes

Consider the event: “The apple is”. While we can define an apple as a delicious fruit in high-level terms, what is an apple in terms of it’s reduced nature? An apple really refers to a group of cells binded together by cell adhesion, which have grown from the branch of a particular apple tree. The tree collected sunlight and absorbed carbon dioxide having grown from an apple seed, which was adaptively selected from a long lineage of more primitive ancestor trees. These arose from the primordial earth which formed from interstellar dust, which collected together after the Big Bang some 15 billion+ years ago. Notice that an apple is really a collection of some very active processes eg. “binded”, “grown”, “collected”, “absorbed”, “selected”, “arose”, “formed”. As much as you can hold an apple in your hand, it really is an event that has occured, and is still occuring as it begins to ripen and decompose. Put another way, an apple is simply the event of an apple existing.

This may seem like just a remix of determinism; that all events in the universe are just subsequent effects of the initial event of the Big Bang, but the implications of a thing being an event is important. If every discernible thing in the universe, from apples up to galaxies are merely spectrums of events from the subordinate events to the superior events then the entirety of the universe can be considered a single event. We can now deal with the entirety of our known existence by simply abstracting everything in a single event. Whatever an event is, the universe is. Anything we can derive from the nature of an event we can derive from the nature of the universe.

Algorithms of Reality

Consider that the universe is an immensely complex event which can be broken down into sub-events such as the formation of a galaxy, to the existence of an apple, and down to the most fundamental unit, a wave-function collapse of a field quanta. Since we have modelled field quanta and can predict their behaviour consistently we know that they obey laws. These laws can be reduced to an algorithm. The immense complexity of the universe is largely due to the amount of variables being held at any one time. Therefore, any event in the universe and the universe itself can be expressed as a computation. When we experience the universe, we are merely observing the current results of the computation.

How is it that we experience these computations as physical substances? If an apple is nothing more than a virtual event, how is it that we can hold it and feel it in our hand? Consider what actually happens when we experience an apple's existence. It is computed that an electromagnetic quanta called a photon has particular vector through the earth's atmosphere. It is computed that a reflection occurs where quarks and electron quanta should be (given previous computations). This is what we perceieve to be the apple's surface. The photon hits our retina, a chain of electrical potential differences are created across our nerve cells until they reach our brain. This information is then processed by subsequent electrical charges between neuron cells. This process is 100% mechanical and inanimate yet we miraculously experience it as an apple in our hand. We are experiencing what may as well be physical computation of virtual substances.

Variables of Reality

Consider that an electron is a quanta of the electron field, that the electron field is possessing energy to give rise to an apparent particle. The electron doesn’t even exist, it is merely the probability that the effects of an electron might occur within a specified region of space-time. In certain circumstances, this electron can transfer it’s potential effects to the electromagnatic field where the potential effects of a photon can occur.

Thus, all matter is a potential effect of various quantum fields. The potential is only ever actualised (a wave-function collapse) when the potential effect is transferred to another quantum field. Since a potential can only be represented informationally with variables, it becomes very difficult to imagine that there is anything at all other than information.

What about spacial position? It is intuitive to us that the universe exists in three spacial dimensions. However physical spacial dimensions contradicts observed phenomena such as quantum entanglement and wave-particle duality which suggest a virtual nature of matter. Given that spacial qualities can be represented by information like all other physical properties, it is more sensible to assume they are. If spacial dimensions are virtual illusions of variables and computations, all absurdities such as the wave-particle duality, wave-function collapse, and quantum entanglement become perfectly acceptable.

The Informational Model Of Creation

The fact that we perceive physical substance is in no way evidence of physical substance. The entire universe is more likely a virtual product of our experiencing physical computations of physical variables. The obvious question is, if all our reality is information then where is that information stored, and what is doing the processing? This needs to be investigated logically, however we have reduced the universe into these components:

  • Computation algorithms (laws of nature) and,
  • computation state variables (matter).

Towards a Model of Everything

While computation algorithms and variables can certainly give rise to the deterministic universe and the consistency of what we experience as apparent matter and energy, it does not account for two properties:

  • The experience we are having cannot be derived from these things. What is the nature of the experience?
  • The universe is arbitrarily assymetrical with various properties that cannot be derived from brute logic. What gave rise to the initial variables such that the universe would have an initial state, and what defined the algorithms which govern the processing of the variables?

The entirety of our known reality from our perspective as humans can be modeled into three fundamentals:

  • The Creation
    The physical algorithms and physical variables that give rise to the virtual universe,
  • The Experience
    The phenomena of our sentient experience of the virtual universe, and
  • The Creator
    The paradoxical mechanism by which arbitrary variables and algorithms could be created without prior deterministic causes (a type of pure will).

To be continued…

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